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About Us Net Term Solutions

Net term solutions have been providing different services to companies and fostering healthy relationship with our clients. We know how to build great customer bonds by delivering quality services and great performance. We have let our work do the talking for us.

The different types of services that we have provided effortlessly for so long are as follows.

  • Security services.
  • Audio video services.
  • Infrastructure services.
  • VOIP and telephony services.
  • Networking services.
  • Telecommunications services.

We have succeeded in providing all the above services with efficiency as all our clients have been happy with the quality of work that we have done.

So far, we have had a great experience working with so many clients from different corners of the world. The pleasure of client satisfaction is immense and we have been happy to receive more than a few happy responses.

Our policy is to work with dedication and ensure client satisfaction at all costs. It is our customers who keep our business running and thus we ensure top notch services. We know the stakes are high and thus we do all we can to make sure that the quality remains the best you deserve.

To give you a complete description of our company so that you can know us better, we would like to provide the details of our personnel certifications as well. A list of the different personnel certification follows.

  • CISCO- the networking certification.
  • MICROSOFT-yet another established networking certification.
  • AMP/TE- the certification for cabling required for infrastructure services department.
  • COMPTIA- established certification in the field of computer hardware and networking arena.
  • COMMSCOPE- yet another cabling certification.

Thus, these are some of the certifications associated with our company. We have been providing excellent services and these are a mark of the same.

So, if you want to avail any of the above services which we have listed here, feel free to reach us. We provide great technical support as our support staffs have been trained thoroughly to deal with such matter. We make it a point to remain updated with all the current developments in technology as we aim at serving you in the best possible manner.

To keep in pace with all the latest developments in technology, we try and keep our trainers in touch with the modern world as all new inventions and break through are studied. To serve our clients better and evolve with them is the main essence of "Net Term Solutions".

It is this work dedication which has helped us succeed for so long. If you keep supporting us in the same manner, we can grow better and thus help you even more efficiently. From hardware services to security issues, we have been dealing with it all and managing to do it with finesses. We do not have quality issues as we had no reports of complaints so far which is a huge statement in itself. Give us an opportunity, try us and then pass your own judgment as to whether or not "Net Term Solutions" is truly the one stop site for your troubles!!!

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Email: info@netterm.ca


" Net Term Solutions do quality work and provide a range services that can benefit you. We are specialized in Networking Services, Fiber Optics, Computer Cabling, Telecommunication, Audio Video Services, VOIP, Telephony, Data Center Services and Security. With our modern, innovative and technologically advanced services, we can provide you the right solutions and in the right manner."