• Cabling Infrastructure Infrastructure Solutions
    Building IT infrastructure solutions. Structured Cabling, Racks and Cabinets, Data Center Design, IT Mounting and Add Ons.
  • Cabling Infrastructure Audio Visual Solutions
    Distributed Audio, Residential Media, Speakers and Paging Systems, Customer Flow Management.
  • Computer Networking Computer Networking
    Computer Networking, LAN, WAN, Wireless Networking, Technical Support
  • 4 Telecommunication Services
    Distributed Antenna System, Telecommunication Cabling Services
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NET TERM - Serving Canadian Telecom

Infrastructure Solutions


We provide some of the best infrastructure services like structured cabling, racks and cabinets as well as data design centers. These services are critical for the designing of an executive building. We know the right ways of laying down the design...

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Audio Visual Solutions


Most firms would need quality audio and visual services for carrying out their business with ease. Audio and video facilities are required for disbursing communication between its fellow members. 

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Computer Networking Solutions - Canada


Net term solutions provide some of the finest networking services. We provide quality help with establishment of LAN, WAN and wireless support. Also, technical support in this area can be availed with ease.

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Security is a prime concern for a lot of companies. You need to monitor the security arrangements to ensure there is no concern with pilferage, loss of confidential data and other similar topics. So, you must be equipped with the best security arrangement for your sites, if you want to eliminate all risks.

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Net term solutions provide some of the finest VOIP services as we know the best ways of making internet telephony a pleasing experience for you. VOIP is an abbreviated term for Voice over Internet Protocol. It refers to the type of services which helps in transmission of voice and multimedia sessions over the internet. It is one of the most popular technologies and if your firm capitalizes in the foreign markets as you may deal with a lot of foreign clients, you must have quality VOIP services.

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Get the best telecommunication services from Net Term Solutions. We are patient to the demands and needs of our clients. Nobody knows your demand better than you do. So, we make it a point to provide services in line with the needs of the client and thus ensure maximum satisfaction. At "Net Term Solutions", you can find a range of different telecommunication services to choose from.

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  • Computer Cabling
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Data Center Building
  • Audio Video Installation
  • Fiber Optic Installation
  • Data Center Designing
  • IT Mountings


" Net Term Solutions do quality work and provide a range services that can benefit you. We are specialized in Networking Services, Fiber Optics, Computer Cabling, Telecommunication, Audio Video Services, VOIP, Telephony, Data Center Services and Security. With our modern, innovative and technologically advanced services, we can provide you the right solutions and in the right manner."